To learn more about Ben Franklin, please download a free copy of his Autobiography or The Way to Wealth.

Although Franklin has served as an inspiration, hero or role model for millions of Americans, few have added to Ben’s approach with the genial combination of good nature and seriousness of purpose of Charlie Munger in Poor Charlie’s Almanack.

For more facts and figures about Ben Franklin, refer to these web resources:

A treasury of Benjamin Franklin quotes (as well as things he didn’t say that are attributed to him).

Ben Franklin's Tercentenary celebration.  In 2006 Philadelphia produced an elaborate celebration of the 300th anniversary of Franklin’s birth, and some of the materials are still available on the web.

PBS produced a show and a substantial website on Ben.

Franklin had a major impact on the course and history of our nation.  There are websites that focus on him as a historical figure or as an important participant in the American Revolution.

Learn about Franklin’s significant accomplishments as a scientist, and about his effort to puncture pretentiousness among early scientists.

You can view important documents from Franklin’s life and watch excerpts from a video biography.